Crew Perks

Macca’s is a fun, friendly environment not only for our customers, but also for our fantastic crew. It’s a fast-paced and challenging job but our crew gets to experience some seriously sweet deals.

Work with friends, meet new mates

Our crew have told us that Macca's is the best way to work with your friends, and make new ones. Broadening your social circle and bonding with people your own age while working in a high energy environment means work is fun.

Enjoy flexibility

At Macca’s, our supportive management teams offer work hours that can fit around your commitments, like school, sport or family. To help every employee balance work, family and study, our flexible rostering system can accommodate exam periods and other important activities. Plus, if you're a school student, you won't be asked to work too late on a school night. It’s all about making your life easier.

Experience variety

Whether you have amazing customer service skills, can build a mean burger or can brew a great coffee, you’re always exposed to lots of different roles at Macca’s. With a huge number of opportunities in each of our restaurants, we encourage our crew members to diversify their skills. Working at Macca’s is stimulating, challenging and lots of fun!

Learn, develop and grow

Macca’s is the first job many of our employees experience, and first jobs can be daunting. However, you can come to us with confidence that we’ll train you well and train you properly. Everyone is given the chance to shine - and to make mistakes along with way – and in no time, you’ll be learning valuable skills such as customer service, critical thinking, time management, handling money, quality control and equipment maintenance. Learn more about the training we offer.

Create great food

We make it easy for our customers to enjoy the tastiest meals by sourcing the finest, freshest ingredients from around the country. At Macca’s you’ll learn the art of building and creating truly great food and will gain valuable experience implementing the highest standards of hygiene, preparation and of course, stellar customer service.

Score epic discounts

As a McDonald's employee, you’ll receive access to myBENEFITS, an exclusive online benefits site, which has great offers from over 90 retailers as well as ‘cash back' incentives for purchases made through the site. You’ll also receive an exclusive employee discount card, offering fantastic discounts on McDonald's food - including a 50% discount on a meal during, before or after each shift, and other discounts at McDonald's restaurants New Zealand-wide.

Enjoy working close to home

We understand that getting to work should be fast and hassle-free. With convenient locations throughout the country, chances are there’s a Macca’s in your neighbourhood, so getting to work should be as easy as a walk, a bike ride, a short drive or bus ride.

Make cash

McDonald’s is committed to providing a work environment where everyone can expect to be treated equally, with dignity and respect. We have strict Equal Employment Opportunity and Workplace Safety policies in place, and even better, our pay policies ensure that while you’re having fun at Macca’s, you’re also making cash to help you pay your rent, save for your first car or have some spare cash for the weekend.

Jobs for everyone

While Macca’s is known for giving young people their first job, we have great jobs for everyone. If you are returning to the workplace, looking for a new start or changing careers, Macca’s can offer the opportunity to make this possible. Our flexibility, friendly work environment and training and development opportunities give everyone a great chance to succeed.